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Pool Ad Ons & accessories

Choosing add-on options is as much fun as choosing the shape of your pool.  For a full range of options, just ask Doug or your Sales Rep during your in-person consultation. Check out some of your options below!


Norstar Pools

Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your poolscape. Outline your poolshape with fiberoptics and program the lights to change colors or remain a constant color. The options are unbelievable!


Norstar Pools

Relax to the soothing sound of a relaxing watefall. From floating fountains to spillovers and more!


Norstar Pools

Enjoy the coolness of the pool water while you drink your favorite beverage with your very own tequila bar! Relax, entertain, and socialize with this special feature.


Norstar Pools

To add the magic of movement and soothing sound to your oasis , add a spa to your poolside. Then, create a water spillway that makes a natural, refreshing waterfall!


Norstar Pools

From brushed concrete, peagravel, or a spray deck in various colors to stamped overlay, which gives the look and feel of stone or brick...the choices are endless. Let us help you decide which option will compliment your overall pool design.


Norstar Pools

This is a relatively new concept to poolscapes. Fire pits allow you to enjoy a naturalistic approach to you pool. Imagine the possiblitie... roasting marshmellows, cuddling with your spouse, etc.